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Sea Worlds NEW Water Park AQUATICA- Opened March 2008

Seaworlds new water park Aquatica
SeaWorlds Water Park Aquatica which Opened  March 2008.
The whole message here is that you’ve seen SeaWorld and you’ve seen waterparks before... now imagine a waterpark designed by SeaWorld and let your imagination run wild.
The nearly 60 acre park features two wave pools, 36 waterslides, 6 rivers and lagoons and 80,000 square feet of beach area.
In addition to the lush jungle atmosphere that will be unlike almost any other waterpark you’ve ever seen, the park will be filled with animals as well, from Commerson’s Dolphins to a variety of colorful birds and tropical fish.
It features the world’s only side by side wave pools that can be run independently from each other. Each side offers a completely difference experience, one making 5 foot swells and crashing waves while the other will generate rolling surf. Together the two can make nine different wave patterns and even sync up to create one giant wave or dueling waves. Aquatica will also offer two very different river experiences. One is your typical mellow lazy river with a twist... guiding you past gentle waterfalls, exotic birds and into a cave system where you can view right inside an undersea grotto full of colorful fish. The other river is a bit more rambunctious, with a fast current that will jet riders through rolling rapids and past gushing geysers. We’ve talked about the slides before... the 8 lane racing slide, a triple drop raft slide, a six story tall family raft slide, two cannon-bowls, the four tube slides, the two signature slides through the dolphin exhibit (that’s 18 big slides so far) and many more smaller slides attached to either the 60 foot tall water fortress or in the special children’s areas that I assume will bring it up to the 36 mentioned. Speaking of the children’s areas, they claim that there will be special options available for even the smallest of children not even able to walk yet.
STOP PRESS. We visited AQUATICA in March 2008 and it is FANTASTIC. The rides and special features are amazing. Check out our park ticket page for ticket info. If you love Water Parks make sure you visit AQUATICA.!!